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These are some brands & products where I can offer savings. 

These may be used by anyone. (My clients often receive greater discounts).

Click on the name of the product or site to go there:

Dandelion seeds blowing in the wind.jpg

British company formulating effective,

evidence backed supplements

without unnecessary additives.  

Use code P12543 for 10% discount

Cambridge based company providing supplements supported by scientific research.  Pasting code PPCW28 at checkout will give you a huge 50% off your first order.

Healthy oils and sauces, collagen, supplements and more!

Use code PPCW28 at checkout for a huge 50% off your first order.

UK charity owned company formulating wholefood, organic and vegan supplements with minimal binders and fillers. Applying code CYT130660-35-10 at checkout gives you 10% discount on supplements

Sensate is a wearable stress relief and anti-anxiety device backed by science. It uses vibrations and sound to lower your stress, in just 10 minutes!  Click above for 10% discount or use my code NaturalHealth 

15% off adaptogenic coffee and accessories with code dandelion or

by clicking the name above

A wide variety of supplements, nutritional extras and cosmetics. Paste 5% discount code CHRT5 at checkout

Red light therapy products and other accessories. Red light naturally stimulates the body's own production of energy (ATP) while also being anti-inflammatory. Click name above for 20% discount

Award winning sun protection. 10% discount with code CHARLOTTE10393 - this can be entered once a product has been added to cart. (When clicking name above the discount is automatically applied)

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